Photographer: Cara Faye Weddings

Outfit: Mrs Rose

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting seasons in your life and it is good to enjoy every aspect of it. Doing an engagement shoot might not appeal to all of us but it’s so good to help with posing and feeling more confident on the big day.

It is always good to plan your theme of your engagement shoot since these photos will be used on your wedding website, save the dates and be put up in your home. Here are some ideas and tips on what to wear for your engagement shoot.

  1. Soft & Pastel colours

Soft hues are a classic outfit choice and are always timeless. Use mint greens and sorbet pinks to make sure your outfit stands out. Tip: The colours you choose for you engagement shoot can tie into your wedding website theme or wedding colours.

Photographer: Werner JvR Photography

Dress (Image 1): Forever New

Dress (Image 2): Silver Swallow Design

  2. Urban inspired

How gorgeous are these urban inspired photo’s!? Tip: Make sure your outfit for your engagement shoot suits the location you are at.

Photographer: Tyrone K Zerf Photography

Her Outfit: Cotton On

 3. Be striking

Wear an item that stands out and creates a theme for the shoot. Tip: A train or a long flowy dress can add to the vivid beauty of the photos.

Photographer: Cara Faye Weddings

Her Outfit: Mrs Rose

 4. Bohemian

Boho is always a great theme that can be used in many different ways. Wear denim and lace with tan and ivory details. Tip: Props are a great idea to help create your story like a bouquet or these peacock chairs.

Photographer: Grace Studios

Flowers & Décor: Nouvelle Floral

Her Outfit: H&M

His Outfit: Country Road

5. Wear that little White dress

You are going to get married so why not wear that white lace dress you’ve always wanted to. Tip: Having your hair and make-up done professionally always makes a big difference on the photos.

Photographer: Mighty Fine Photography

Make Up: Missy Make Up Artist

6. Keep your own personal style

This gorgeous couple had two different looks, one casual yet stylish and something they would normally wear. And another slightly more formal, perfect for those sunset shots. Tip: If you do an activity together like eating ice cream the photos are so much more fun and less posed.

Photographer: Dearheart Photos

   7. Flower Child

Melanie and Christo are such a fun and down to earth couple and they expressed exactly that throughout their shoot. They wore brighter colours and more relaxed outfits which was perfect for this hippy inspired shoot. Tip: Compliment each other’s outfits without matching.